Teen Parent Program

The Teen Parent Services Program is a year-round program which emphasizes education, job readiness, and parental classes/groups for youth 16-21 years of age. More than a GED program, YEI offers a holistic approach to youth service, providing a dynamic learning environment that accommodates varied learning styles, skill levels, and personal circumstances.

Each enrolled at YEI are assigned a Case Coordinator who provides them with individual case management to set educational and professional goals and supports them throughout their time at YEI. In addition to GED courses, parenting classes/groups and nutrition classes are required.

The Teen Parent Services Program also offers several other innovative programs and groups. Examples include the Disaster Preparation Group which offered free CPR training and mental health awareness to all participants; current projects include partnerships with Portland House of Umoja for events, and Sabin CDC to bring the annual Youth Leadership Summit, and collaborations to re-create parenting curriculum to make them more relevant to today’s young parent. YEI also has an on site Child and Family Development Center for children of YEI youth, and the community, ages 6 weeks – 36 months.

For more information about the Teen Parent Program Program contact Bennie Boggan at bboggan@yei.org or call (503)280-1058 X 106 to schedule an intake appointment.

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